April 10, 2019 will always be a special date. After 6 months of being my fiancee, and 13 years of being together, Annefleur would finally become my wife.

It's a bit weird. Before we were married, April 9 was the most special date in our relationship, as we later decided that was the date when instead of just dating, we had an actual steady relationship. This all changed last year. We tried to put our marriage date on the 9th of April, but our chosen location was already booked for that date. So instead, we got married on April 10. And just like that, this has now become the most important date of our relationship.

Not long after, I got a huge promotion at work! I've been working at the same company for over 8 years now, and while I was looking for something closer to home, this promotion made me stay. I really do love the work I'm doing at this company, especially since everything I do is seen by a lot of people. I've got a lot of appreciation there the last year, and hope to still work there for a long time.

Then in August, Annefleur found out she was pregnant! Our first baby is on the way, and due to be born anytime now. The estimated delivery date is 21st of April, but barely any child is born on the estimated date (4%). She can go into labor anytime now, and we're very keen on meeting our baby girl face to face. I still can't quite comprehend the idea of becoming a father, and the impact it will have on our lives. I already love our baby without ever having seen her. She kicks a lot and we can even feel (what we think is) her feet sticking out from time to time.

The pandemic outbreak and measures does mean the whole maternity visits will be very different. The maternity leave of my wife has also been very different. I have been working from home ever since she got maternity leave, but all restaurants and bars are closed, so we haven't really gone out, and stayed at home for the most part. Maternity visits will probably be done from our garden, where we stay inside and show our baby through the window.

The last few weeks, some people would still come over. We talk to them from our back garden or at the front door with at least 1.5-2 meters of distance between them and ourselves. We are really lucky with the weather and our south-facing garden though. We've sat outside for most of this week, and will miss doing that very much when the weather will be worse next week. 

To celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary, we ordered food from a restaurant to be delivered. A lot of restaurants started delivering meals so they can still make a profit, without having to close entirely. We also tried to eat our wedding cake, which has been in the fridge for a year. It didn't taste very good, so I went to the store and got a new cake as well. 

I wonder what the future holds for us. I can only hope every year will be as good as this one.